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Jorge Alberto Lloreda

Small Business Lending

Located in Miami, Florida, Jorge Alberto Lloreda is the CEO and President of FactorBrokers Inc. and Factor Plus. Amassing over 25 years of experience within the world of commercial finance, Jorge is a celebrated and successful entrepreneur and an expert in small business lending. He obtained his degree in Operations Management in 1988 from Boston College’s School of Management. 

After graduating from university, Jorge began working as a broker at a leading brokerage firm in South America. Years later, after hard work and dedication, he moved up the ladder of the commercial finance industry and secured a position as President of a prestigious trust company. In 2005, Jorge left South America and started building a life in the US. A year later, he started his own factoring business, armed with his decades of experience. 

When Jorge Lloreda first discovered the lesser known form of lending known as factoring, he immediately saw its potential for growth; he realized it was an incredible financial solution to the challenges small business owners face. In 2006, Jorge founded FactorBrokers Inc and has since become one of the leading factor lenders in commercial finance. His company offers a long list of services, including risk and coverage solutions, as well as accounts receivable and cash management services to small-sized businesses in a broad range of industries. 

Factoring, unlike other forms of lending, allows small business owners the ability to unlock working capital while improving their cash flow—without incurring more debt. With factor lending, these businesses can reduce the costs associated with bad credit losses and turn accounts receivables into working capital. Compared to traditional financial institutions, FactorBrokers offers incredibly customized, creative, and flexible solutions and have a much faster turnaround period. 

In 2015, Jorge Alberto Lloreda expanded his business and opened Factor Plus. Between his two companies, he helps hundreds of small businesses find financial solutions so they can thrive in their market. Jorge admires his clients hard work and determination, as they are the same motivators that brought him success time and time again. 

When he’s not working, Jorge enjoys spending time with his children, aged 22 and 26. Avid skiers, he and his children love escaping to Colorado and France to spend time together and ski among some of the world’s most beautiful mountains. 

To learn more about Jorge Alberto Lloreda and his knowledge of small business lending, please visit his blog. 

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